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Rich, Bold Cheese

Rubine Brussels Sprouts

This extremely rare heirloom brussels sprouts is a beautiful and delicious addition to any garden. Grows the same as Long Island Improved and has that old-time brussels sprouts flavor. 

Our Featured Seed Varieties

Sweet Aperitif Sweet Aperitif
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Heirloom Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Aunt Molly's
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Fatalii Pepper Fatalii Pepper
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Heirloom Vegetables - All Blue Potaotes All Blue
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Peredovic Sunflower Peredovic Sunflower
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From the Beginning

Our Story

Imagine having the wonderful blessing of marrying into a family of old world farmers, folks who had come to this area in northern Illinois back in the 1830s, staking out their claim, and their family successfully farming with heirlooms here ever since...