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Heirloom Potato Sampler

Not sure what to order? Let us put together a well-rounded sampler for you to try. Each sampler will include four standard varieties (2.5# each) and 1 fingerling variety (2.5#) a total of 12.5 pounds. This will be enough potatoes to plant a 200’ row and costs $15.50 less than if purchased individually.

Our Featured Seed Varieties

Purple Tomatillo
Your Price $5.00
Abe Lincoln
Your Price $5.00
Fatalii Pepper
Your Price $5.00
Old German
Your Price $5.00
Lazy Housewife
Your Price $5.00
Arkansas Traveler
Your Price $5.00
Your Price $5.00
Your Price $5.00
Heirloom Vegetables - All Blue Potaotes All Blue
Your Price $11.00

From the Beginning

Our Story

Imagine having the wonderful blessing of marrying into a family of old world farmers, folks who had come to this area in northern Illinois back in the 1830s, staking out their claim, and their family successfully farming with heirlooms here ever since...