Welcome Message From Bill Heid

There are many reasons to garden. There's nothing better than the taste of vegetables that are grown without the chemical additives used on so many commercial operations. Food you grow yourself is exponentially more nutritious than anything you get at the grocery store. There's also a sense of pride and accomplishment when you feed yourself and your family from food you've pulled out of the dirt all by yourself.

But there's also another reason to garden - you were created for this! Man was created by God to "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it...I am giving you as food every seed-bearing plant and every tree with seed bearing fruit" (Genesis 1:28-29). The entire act of creation culminated with God planting a garden (Genesis 2:8), fashioning a man (Genesis 2:7), and then placing that man in the garden to cultivate and care for it (Genesis 2:15).

However, while mankind might be the climax of God's creative work, we aren't the exclusive feature of it. God started us off in a pilot program of sorts, placing us in the Garden of Eden (a limited, enclosed area) to get our feet wet, so to speak. In the Garden, we were to learn the tools of the trade, learn the ways of dominion and the covenant we had, both with God and the earth, before expanding across the whole of creation. The Garden was our proving ground, because outside it, the earth teemed with unfettered life - both plant and animal. We were created to subdue and bring that life into order.

This is not something peripheral to man's being. It is essential to his nature. Cultivation of the land, sowing and harvest, propagating and restoring - these are all part of the mandate that we have been given by God.

Gardening bestows upon us the blessings of fresh air and sunshine, increased health and vitality, and the means to teach the next generation independence and skills for survival. It teaches our children responsibility, patience, and the wonders of God's creation.

At Heirloom Solutions, we strongly believe that no one can improve upon God's creation. We are honored to be stewards of so many varieties of heirloom seeds, and we take that responsibility seriously. When you order seeds from Heirloom Solutions, you are ordering seeds that have been chosen for their hardiness, their value, their yields, disease resistance, and superior germination rates.

It all boils down to being active participants in the stewardship of God's world. We thank you for joining us in this wonderful venture.

Bill Heid
President, Heirloom Solutions