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Heirloom Arikara Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Besweet Soybean Heirloom Black Valentine Bean
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Black Valentine
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Our favorite dry bean. Great for soups and stews but is absolutely best when baked.

One of the best tasting and highest yielding edible soybeans.

Straight slender dark-green beans. Strong vigor, good for early spring plantings.

Blue Lake Bush 274 Blue Lake Pole heirloom bountiful bean
Blue Lake Bush 274
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Blue Lake Pole
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(Phaseolus vulgaris)  Developed from Blue Lake Pole.  Dark green pods, fine texture, great flavor, excellent quality and heavy yields.  Widely adapted and good disease resistance.  Great for fresh eating, market, freezing and canning.  Introduced in 1961.  Dark green 5-6" pods.  60 days.

Stringless beans, dark green round pods approximately 6 inches long.

Heavy yielding, reliable home garden variety of beans. Great for canning and freezing.

Heirloom Vegetables - Calima Bean Heirloom Calypso Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Cantare Bean
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Vigorous upright growth habit. Dark green pods, excellent flavored beans.

Hailed by many as the all time greatest beans for baking, casseroles and soups.

Excellent disease resistance. Excellent main-crop snap beans.

Charlevoix Dark Red Kidney Bean Cherokee Trail of Tears Heirloom Christmas Lima Bean
Cherokee Trail of Tears
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(Phaseolus vulgaris) Once the standard dark red kidney bean used for commercial canning and now nearly impossible to find. Introduced in 1963 at Michigan State University, Charlevoix boasts 6” pods on an extremely heavy yielding 24” plant. Perfect for soups, stews and chili! Bush habit. 85-95 days.

(Phaseolus vulgaris)  Named for the infamous winter death march from the Smoky Mountains to Oklahoma (1838-1839), which left a trail of more than 4,000 graves.  The original source for our seed was the late Dr. John Wyche from Hugo, Oklahoma.  A good dual purpose pole bean for green 6 snap beans (70 days) or shiny black dry beans (90 days).

Excellent, buttery-textured beans. Plants are very vigorous and can grow 10' tall.

heirloom bean dragon's tongue Fin de Bagnol Bean Golden Sunshine
Dragon's Tongue
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Fin de Bagnol Bean
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Golden Sunshine
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Excellent flavor, stringless beans and a great conversation piece.

(Phaseolus vulgaris) This hard to find quick growing French filet bean will keep you busy picking all season long! Fin de Bagnol bean is especially perfect for northern gardeners with short, cooler growing seasons but also performs very well in warmer climates. An excellent bean for market growers. Keep this bean picked daily to prevent beans from getting tough and stringy and to insure continuous growth. Bush habit. 50-60 days.

(Phaseolus coccineus)  An excellent choice for edible landscaping, masses of scarlet flowers on glowing yellow-green foliage.  Masses of 6-8" flat green pods, good for fresh eating, canning and freezing.  Plants will climb 5-6' tall.  Very unique. 80-85 days.
Heirloom Good Mother Stallard Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Henderson Lima Heirloom Hutterite Soup Bean
Good Mother Stallard
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Hutterite Soup
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True beans heirloom grown for generations. Wonderful, nutty, rich meaty flavor.

A dependable variety, good yields of small cream lima beans.

Full flavor and a deep creamy texture, Hutterite beans are excellent for soups and casseroles, easy replacement for the pinto bean.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Jackson Wonder Lima Bean Heirloom Jacob's Cattle Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Jackson Wonder
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Jacob's Cattle
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Kentucky Wonder Pole
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Colorful and delicious bush lima beans.

A well adapted variety for dry bean seed production, beans do well in all environments.

Beans are a garden staple and American classic for over 100 years.

Lazy Housewife Heirloom Vegetables - Nikki Bean October Bean
Lazy Housewife
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October Bean
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These pods are green, entirely stringless, of extra fine flavor, exceedingly rich and buttery when cooked.

Very thin, shoestring-type beans, a gourmets delight. Thrives in warm weather.

Extremely rare! True Appalachian autumn heirloom beans.
Heirloom Eye of Goat Bean Painted Lady heirloom pencil pod wax bean
Painted Lady
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Pencil Pod Wax
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Can be used as a snap or shell bean. Fully matured as a dry bean. A favorite in Mexico and the Southwest.

(Phaseolus coccineus)  A real show-stopper, incredibly beautiful and hummingbirds love it!  First introduce to gardeners in the 1800's and described in 1827 in the Flora of Rio de Janeiro.  Excellent centerpiece for any garden.  Good for freezing, canning and as a dry bean.  Becoming very hard to find.  70-85 days.

Great all purpose, old-time favorite beans, sure to survive another 100 years.

heirloom provider bean Heirloom Vegetables - Purple Podded Pole Bean Heirloom Rattlesnake Bean
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Purple Podded Pole
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Widely adapted, stringless and good disease-resistant beans. A real workhorse!

Straight purple pods that blanch to light green. Highest quality beans.

Known for heat resistance and also the ability to produce enormous beans.