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Heirloom California Wonder Pepper Corbaci Heirloom Jimmy Nardello's Pepper
California Wonder
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Jimmy Nardello's
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One of the best, long known as a great canning and freezing variety.

(Capscium annuum)  A unique and wonderful sweet pepper that turns from light green, to yellow, to orange and finally to bright red.  It can be harvested and used at any stage. Slender fruits are 10-12" long.  This rare heirloom is from Turkey and has a very rich, sweet flavor.  A perfect choice for fresh eating,  pickling or frying.  Very productive plants need staking or a small cage to keep them from falling over due to the weight of the fruits.  A great choice for markets.  You can start eating green fruits in as little as 55 days and ripe fruits around 75 days from transplant.

Super sweet and flavorful pepper, can be used green or red.

Heirloom Vegetables, King of the North Pepper Heirloom Miniature Bell Mixture Pepper Heirloom Orange Bell Pepper
King Of The North
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Miniature Bell Mixture
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Orange Bell
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Excellent for any recipe or fresh eating. An absolute profusion of green bells.

Excellent fresh, sweet flavor, great for salads or for unique little hors d'oeuvres.

This is a real beauty. Excellent for fresh eating, canning or freezing.

Ozark Giant Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Pepperoncini Pepper Heirloom Vegetables - Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper
Ozark Giant
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Purple Beauty
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(Capscium annuum)  Great flavor with impressive (up to 8" long) size, this heirloom sweet pepper produces heavily. Enjoy in salads, salsa, and many other recipes.  Ozark Giant produce heavy fruits and lots of them!  Staking the plant will protect it from breaking off. 70 days from transplant for green peppers, 85 days for red peppers.

The famous pepper of salad bars and sub shops.

The best open pollinated purple bell available. Deep color is stunning.

Red Belgian Heirloom Vegetables - Ruby King Sweet Pepper Heirloom Vegetables - Sheepnose Pimento
Red Belgian
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Ruby King
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Sheepnose Pimento
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(Capscium annuum)  Excellent sweet early pepper.  A heavy producer, Red Belgian Pepper starts out yellow and ages to red.  Crunch 3-4" fruit are great fresh picked or on a salad.  50 days from transplant for yellow fruits and 70 days for red.

Claimed to be the best of all peppers. Candy like, mild sweet flavor.

This thick-walled Ohio heirloom is great for stuffing or canning.