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Heirloom Anaheim Chili Pepper
Aji Delight
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Aji Habanero
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Anaheim Chili
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(Capscium Baccatum)  Aji Delight is an extremely rare baccatum cultivar.  Sweet flavor and no heat.  Bountiful crops producing 3-4" red peppers.  An excellent container pepper!  70 days. (Capscium baccatum)  This rare Aji delivers the delicious flavor of a habanero but without the high heat.  This South American pepper gives a mild smoky flavor and comes in at about 8000-10,000 Scoville units.  90 days.

Extremely productive. Known to be milder than most chiles.

Heirloom Ancho Pepper Seeds Beaver Dam Heirloom Vegetables - Black Hungarian Hot Pepper
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Beaver Dam
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Black Hungarian
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Mildly hot, distinctive rich taste. Fruits ripen from dark green to deep red.

Extremely productive Hungarian heirloom hot peppers

Great ornamental edible. We are thrilled to get our hands on these rare seeds.

Heirloom Early Jalapeno Pepper Heirloom Vegetables - Fish Hot Pepper Ghost Chili Pepper
Early Jalapeno
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Ghost Chili Pepper
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Jalapeno fruits are mild when green, but hotter peppers when red and fully ripe.

Traditionally these hot peppers were used in oyster and crab houses.

Certified Hottest Chile Pepper In The World

Heirloom Vegetables - Lemon Drop Hot Pepper Heirloom Long Red Cayenne Pepper Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Pepperoncini Pepper
Lemon Drop
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Long Red Cayenne
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Popular seasoning hot peppers from Peru. Very rare and hard to find.

Fiery hot peppers even when small. It is easy to grow, and versatile in use.

The famous pepper of salad bars and sub shops.

Heirloom Vegetables - Red Habanero Pepper
Red Habanero
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A favorite among "chili-heads" for making salsa, sauces and drying hot habanero peppers.