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Heirloom Bloody Butcher Corn Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Country Gentleman Corn Double Red
Bloody Butcher
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Country Gentleman
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Double Red
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A great variety for grinding into flour or cornmeal. Also used as corn on the cob when young.

Long known as one of the finest roasting corns.

Brilliantly colored kernels in shades of red and purple.  High yields from stocky short plants.  Beautiful red stalks with red husks.  Shows some color variation in stalk and husk color.  A delicious early sweet corn that is excellent for eating fresh from the cob, but also good for drying and grinding to make traditional corn flour (dating back to its Hopi ancestry). Bred by Alan Kapuler PhD.
Glass Gem Heirloom Golden Bantam Corn Hickory Cane Dent Corn
Glass Gem
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Golden Bantam
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Hickory Cane Dent Corn
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Originally selected from crosses Carl Barnes, a Oklahoma native, made from several Pawnee miniature corn varieties and another Osage variety called "Greyhorse." Uniquely colored with its translucent, multi-colored shades, this corn is one of the most beautiful kinds you'll ever see! The kernels can be popped or ground into flour. Sturdy plants grow 6-8' tall and produce an abundance of 7-8" long ears. Extremely productive. 100 days.

Tender kernels, corn stalks often have 2 ears. Will tolerate tight spacing.

This extremely rare Appalachian heirloom has been in our growers family for nearly a century in the hills of Eastern Tennessee. Hickory Cane dent corn is used for the making of hominy, grits, cornmeal, animal feed, moonshine and when picked young is one of the best roasting corns you can eat. Hickory Cane consistently grows 12’ tall, is very drought tolerant and delivers 3 large ears of massive white corn kernels. A real old-time heirloom legacy corn. 90-115 days
Heirloom Vegetables - Japonica Corn Heirloom Vegetables - Minnesota Rainbow Popcorn Heirloom Reid's Yellow Dent Corn
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Reid's Yellow Dent
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The tassels are dark purple and the kernels are burgundy. Stunning ornamental corn.

One of the best corn for popcorn, but also great for autumn decorations.

Considered the best open pollinated strain of field and dent corn.

Heirloom Stowell's Evergreen Corn
Stowell's Evergreen
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Still the best white open-pollinated corn variety for home gardeners.