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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Golden Beauty Melon Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Green Honeydew Melon Heirloom Vegetables - Green Nutmeg Melon
Golden Beauty
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Green Honeydew
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Green Nutmeg
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The standard casaba melon.

The original Honeydew, dating back to the late 1800s.

A very prolific variety yielding 4-5 melons per plant. Fragrant, green fleshed melons.

Heirloom Hale's Best Melon Heirloom Hearts of Gold Melon Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Jenny Lind Melon
Hale's Best
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Hearts Of Gold
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Jenny Lind
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Good, old-fashioned melon flavor and drought tolerant. Great all-around melon.

Deep orange flesh, very aromatic. Performs exceptionally in the Midwest.

Famous for its light green interior.

Heirloom Vegetables - Minnesota Midget Melon Heirloom Vegetables - Noir des Carmes Melon Heirloom Vegetables - Petite Gris de Rennes Melon
Minnesota Midget
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Noir Des Carmes
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Petite Gris De Rennes
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Fruits have thick, sugary, golden-flesh that is edible right down to the rind.

An extremely luxurious melon and one of the easiest to grow.

Take on an orange cast when ripe. Hard to find in the United States.

Pike Heirloom Vegetables - Pride of Wisconsin Melon Heirloom Schoon's Hardshell Melon
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Pride Of Wisconsin
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Schoon's Hardshell
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Bred in the 1930's in Monmouth, Oregon by Aaron Pike.  Fruits weigh 3-6 pounds depending on the growing conditions; irrigation will produce larger fruit.   Heavily netted fruits are very sweet and fragrant.  Vigorous plants.

Big melons with great taste, this is the standard that others should be judged by.

Extremely well adapted. They smell so good that they will make you drool!