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Black-Eyed Pea Heirloom Vegetables - Blue Podded Pea Champion of England
Black-Eyed Pea
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Blue Podded
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Champion of England
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Extremely Drought Tolerant Legume

These soup peas have been a winter European staple for centuries.

Said to have originally been selected out of Knight Dwarf White Marrow around 1840.  Another reference says the stock was originally sold for a pot of beer on a Sunday morning!  Either way, this is a great old heirloom introduced in 1846 by Fairbeard.  Sturdy plants need support and can grow 5-8' tall in ideal conditions.  Although rather tall, this variety is great for small gardens where space is limited because of the vertical growing potential.  Large pods contain 8-10 very sweet peas.
Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea Extra Early Pedigree Garbanzo Bean
Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea
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Extra Early Pedigree
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Garbanzo Bean
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Very prolific pea that matures early and produces beautiful purple flowers. (aka Improved Extra Early)  This variety was selected out of the variety Extra Early in 1893 by Kenney.  Then it was stabilized and introduced around 1900 and distributed by several seedsmens.  It was considered "the best strain of Extra Early ever offered."  Very uniform, dwarf plants grow 24" tall and require minimal support.

A must-have for the vegetarian-vegan diet

Heirloom Vegetables - Golden Sweet Edible Podded Pea Heirloom Green Arrow Pea Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Half-Pint Pea
Green Arrow
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Half Pint
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This is one of only a handful of yellow podded peas known to exist.

Great for canning, freezing, and for dehydrating. Heavy, reliable production.

An English variety introduced in the states in the 1850s.

Heirloom Little Marvel Pea Heirloom Oregon Sugar Pod Pea Heirloom Sugar Snap Pea
Little Marvel
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Oregon Sugar Pod
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Sugar Snap
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Dependable variety introduced in 1900 known for fine quality and excellent yields.

Known as one of the best snow peas. Good disease resistance. Freezes Well.

Thick pods snap like green beans and do not have any strings. Freezes Well.