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Heirloom Copenhagen Market Cabbage Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Early Jersey Wake Field Cabbage Heirloom Late Flat Dutch Cabbage
Copenhagen Market
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Early Jersey Wakefield
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Late Flat Dutch
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Popular cabbage for home gardens and also for shipping, will also store well.

Still one of the most popular cabbage, introduced in 1868.

The best choice for a slow growing, late season cabbage.

Michihili Napa Cabbage Heirloom Red Acre Cabbage Heirloom Vegetables - Winningstadt Cabbage
Michihili Napa Cabbage
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Red Acre
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Kim-chi anyone? This old Chinese heirloom dates back to the Ming Dynasty 15th century. Very nutrient-dense with light green leaves. Michihili produces cylindrical heads 16” and 6” across. Perfect for Kim-Chi and stir fry. 70 days.

Great for adding color to coleslaw. A good cabbage choice for home and market.

Cabbage has a great sweet flavor, a very good keeper and excellent for sauerkraut.