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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Anna Schwartz Hubbard Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Blue Hubbard Squash Heirloom Vegetables - Boston Marrow Squash
Anna Swartz Hubbard
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Blue Hubbard
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Boston Marrow
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A true family heirloom from the mid-20th century.

Golden flesh that is of the highest quality.

Thick fleshed and free of fiber. A real custard-like, buttery flavor.

Heirloom Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash Heirloom Canada Crookneck Winter Squash Heirloom Vegetables - Cinderella Squash
Burgess Buttercup
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Canada Crookneck
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Extremely sweet orange flesh, exceptionally good eating qualities.

Wonderful creamy texture with an excellent nutty, sweet flavor.

Commonly used for Autumn decorations, also for pies, pumpkin bread or canning.

Heirloom Delicata Squash Heirloom Vegetables - Fairytale Squash Heirloom Vegetables - Georgia Candy Roaster Squash
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Georgia Candy Roaster
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Rich sweet potato tasting flavor, vines are short. Excellent for stuffing or baking.

Superb eating qualities, deep orange flesh. A good keeper.

Very rare. Smooth, delicious orange flesh, perfect for baking, frying and making pies.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Golden Hubbard Squash
Gill's Golden Pippin
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Golden Hubbard
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(Cucurbita pepo)  A very sweet acorn squash!  Perfect for a single serving dinner.  Bright yellow-orange colored fruit vines produce approximate 7-10 fruit per plant.  100 days.

One of the sweetest and most versatile of all the winter squash.

(Cucurbita maxima) A rare Iranian squash collected in 1940. Excellent long-term food storage. Up to 50 pound fruit, semi-sweet flavor (add lots of butter). Drought tolerant. Very unique in color. A superb and unique pumpkin for market sale! 115 days.

Heirloom Peanut Winter Squash
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(Cucurbita pepo) An Australian pumpkin used for its absolute hull-less seed and for making pumpkin oil. 5-8 pound fruits, semi-bush growth habit. Another rare pumpkin that would do well as a food source and for decorating. 100 days.
(Cucurbita maxima) This is a medium sized, pink colored pumpkin from Brazil. The Brazilians use this pumpkin to make a dish called “Camarao na Moranga” (shrimp in pumpkin). 4-8 pound fruits, ribbed, very disease and pest resistant. 95 days.

Popular French market pumpkin. Unique appearance and exceptional flavor.

Heirloom Red Kuri Winter Squash Heirloom Vegetables - Sibley Squash Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash
Red Kuri
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Sweet Dumpling
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Deep orange colored skin and sweet, smooth, dry flesh.

Sweet and flavorful orange flesh. An excellent keeper. Ivory skin with green stripes overlays tender golden flesh.