Imagine having the wonderful blessing of marrying into a family of old world farmers, folks who had come to this area in northern Illinois back in the 1830s, staking out their claim, and their family successfully farming with heirlooms here ever since. This is where I found myself when I married my wife, Kim.

It was the 1970s and we were in the middle of an oil crisis. There were long lines at the gas pumps and Jimmy Carter was telling us to put on a sweater and turn down the thermostats. I had always loved the outdoors, enjoying hunting, fishing, and trapping. But during this period of time, thanks to Kim's grandfather, Warren, I really began to get interested in a self-sustaining lifestyle. I dreamed of having an off-grid way of life where I didn't have to depend on anyone else to provide my family the basic necessities of life. Heirloom living was a lifestyle I sincerely wanted to cultivate, with time spent building closer relationships with family, animals, and of course, the land.

Kim's grandfather's ancestors (four brothers) moved to Illinois after the Black Hawk War in the early 1830s. They brought with them heirloom seeds from the East coast. Farming "close to the land" wasn't an option for these folks. Living from the land was a way of life for almost everyone of that era. These family members were pioneers, shakers and doers, educated, and people of letters. Their education and experience taught them that God had a playbook (the Bible), and that as long as you operated within the parameters He laid out, you'd do just fine. It was a period of time when men and women knew their boundary lines and when people journeyed too far off the path... trouble always followed. They were keenly aware that their lives depended on good stewardship of the land. And messing with creation? Well, for the most part, that was "flirting with disaster" and everyone knew it.

We're seeing just the opposite of that today with the rise of GMO hybrid foods, the lack of diversity in Big Ag farming methods, as well as tons of chemicals that are being poured in the dirt and on our foods. Even worse, the dangerous Frakenfoods being produced through the introduction of foreign bacteria and junk DNA into the seed crop. Cancer and disease are increasing exponentially as we tinker with our food supply.

Seeds belong to the people. We started Heirloom Solutions, because we wanted to be sure seeds stayed in the hands of the people. If you've got heirloom seeds, you'll always have plenty of food. Kim's family knew this in the 1830s and it's still true today.

Heirloom Solutions is the natural outgrowth of our love for gardening and desire to see family's working together As our customers and friends have asked for more varieties, we've done our best to find the most hearty ones available. We think the Lord has blessed us with an abundance of food options on this little planet. And by utilizing those natural crops, we all gain good health and economic stability for ourselves and our communities.

What could be better than showing the kids and grand-kids how to raise their own food and then showing them how to share that food with others? It worked in the 1830s and it can work today!

God bless, and happy gardening!

Bill Heid
President, Heirloom Solutions