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Agastache Heirloom Flower Seeds - Bachelor's Button Mixture
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Perennial, tubular flower.

Originally grown by the Arikara Indians. Seed collected by Melvin Gilmore. Very sturdy and tall plants grow 10-12' tall. A mixture of single and multi-headed plants. The seeds were traditionally parched in a clay pot and then pounded to make sunflower meal. The meal was then formed into sunflower seed balls that warriors would carry with them, wrapped in buffalo heart skin, and eat as an energy food when they felt weak or tired. A great historic variety for your garden. Originally from Europe, this annual is extremely easy to grow from seed.
Heirloom Flower Seeds - Black-Eyed Susan
Bells of Ireland
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Black-Eyed Susan
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An heirloom favorite. Great for using as a cut flower or in dried bouquets. Grows 20-36” tall, it has tightly packed green, bell-shaped bracts and small white flowers. Annual.
Named for the dark brown-purple centers, these flowers are a favorite amongst flower gardeners.
The bluest of the blue tulips, this unusual variety is a departure from the norm. Long, sturdy stems allow its use as a cut-flower or as a highly effective landscape subject. These easy-going tulips reward a little care and attention with a stunning show of color every spring. Blooms Mid to Late Spring. Grows 18-26" tall.
Heirloom Flower Seeds - California Giants Zinnia Columbine Heirloom Flower Seeds - Seashells Cosmos
California Giant Zinnia
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Cosmos - Sea Shell
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A classic. Every garden should have a long row for endless colorful bouquets.

Variety of colors and drought resistant

Ferny cosmos foliage with shell-like, tubular flowers. A real show-stopper.
Heirloom Flower Seeds - Seashells Cosmos
Daisy Flower Seed Mix
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Bright, colorful blooms on tall stems with typical ferny cosmos foliage. With 10 different varieties of both, annual and perennial daisies, this is a great mix for any flower enthusiast. The following varieties included are: English, Ox-Eye, Fleabane, African, Shasta, Creeping, Painted, Gloriosa, Garland, and Yellow.
An old heirloom from 1934, this ethereal beauty opens shimmering violet and matures to darker violet-rose with glistening white edges. It is an heirloom Tulip with magic, vitality and grace. Tulip Class: Triumph. Blooms in April/May and grows 20" tall. Best grown in Zones 3-7.

Ships in October
Dusty Miller Silver Dust Heirloom Flower Seeds - Empress of India Nasturtium
Empress Of India
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Annual, silvery-white leaves.

Plants have brilliant crimson red flowers and dark green foliage. This striking tulip "Estella Rijnveld" epitomises the exotic, colorful markings that characterize the blooms of parrot tulips. Flares of red shot through with white create a striking contrast on the frilly petals. When touched by the sun, they open fully – a truly spectacular sight. Blooms Mid to Late Spring and grows 16-20" tall.  Best in Zones 3-9.
Heirloom Evening Sun Sunflower Heirloom Flower Seeds - Four O'Clocks
Evening Sun
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Four O' Clocks
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Stunning when planted as a screen or back drop in your garden.

A 16th century heirloom, The Florentine Tulip or The Woodland Tulip, was popularized by Thomas Jefferson in his garden at Monticello. Sweetly fragrant, its elliptical, bright yellow flowers open with distinctive green exterior petals that pale to chartreuse as it matures. Often a good perennial, it stages a wild and wonderful garden dance. It is coveted in natural swaths in woodland borders, wild flower meadows and proper garden beds. Blooms in April and will grow 8” to 12” tall. Best grown in Zones 5-8.

Ships in September

Very attractive to hummingbird moths. Tender perennial grown as an annual.