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Artisan 'Pink Tiger' Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Variegated Cat Grass
Artisan 'Pink Tiger'
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Variegated Cat Grass
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Tomato Magic E-Book
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Pink with orange stripes tomato.

A great ornamental variety that is quick to germinate.

Inside secrets to growing nutritionally dense and great tasting heirloom tomatoes.  Learn how to get started, how to control pests and diseases, saving seeds, and much more!  68 pages.
Roquette Heirloom Arugula Heirloom Vegetables - Wild Arugula Heirloom Black Valentine Bean
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Wild Arugula
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Black Valentine
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Sharp nutty flavored leaves and seeds, first noted during Roman times.

Much stronger in both flavor and aroma than standard cultivated arugula.

Straight slender dark-green beans. Strong vigor, good for early spring plantings.

heirloom bountiful bean Heirloom Vegetables - Calima Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Cantare Bean
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Heavy yielding, reliable home garden variety of beans. Great for canning and freezing.

Vigorous upright growth habit. Dark green pods, excellent flavored beans.

Excellent disease resistance. Excellent main-crop snap beans.

Heirloom Vegetables - Nikki Bean heirloom provider bean Heirloom Vegetables - Royalty Purple Podded
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Royalty Purple Podded
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Very thin, shoestring-type beans, a gourmets delight. Thrives in warm weather.

Widely adapted, stringless and good disease-resistant beans. A real workhorse!

Distinctive purple foliage. Beans will germinate well in cold wet soil.

heirloom bean dragon's tongue heirloom pencil pod wax bean Heirloom Vegetables - Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Dragon's Tongue
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Pencil Pod Wax
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Kentucky Wonder Pole
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Excellent flavor, stringless beans and a great conversation piece.

Great all purpose, old-time favorite beans, sure to survive another 100 years.

Beans are a garden staple and American classic for over 100 years.

Heirloom Vegetables - Purple Podded Pole Bean Heirloom Rattlesnake Bean Heirloom Calypso Bean
Purple Podded Pole
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Straight purple pods that blanch to light green. Highest quality beans.

Known for heat resistance and also the ability to produce enormous beans.

Hailed by many as the all time greatest beans for baking, casseroles and soups.

Heirloom Jacob's Cattle Bean Heirloom Yellow Indian Woman Bean Heirloom Tiger's Eye Bean
Jacob's Cattle
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Yellow Indian Woman
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Tiger's Eye
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A well adapted variety for dry bean seed production, beans do well in all environments.

Beans hold shape well in soups and slow cooked dishes, nice creamy flavor.

Excellent creamy-textured beans, extremely tender skin once cooked.

Heirloom Good Mother Stallard Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Besweet Soybean Heirloom Christmas Lima Bean
Good Mother Stallard
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True beans heirloom grown for generations. Wonderful, nutty, rich meaty flavor.

One of the best tasting and highest yielding edible soybeans.

Excellent, buttery-textured beans. Plants are very vigorous and can grow 10' tall.

Heirloom Vegetables - Henderson Lima Heirloom Vegetables - Scarlet Runner Bean Heirloom Vegetables - Sunset Runner
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A dependable variety, good yields of small cream lima beans.

The beans can be eaten fresh as a shell bean or used later as a dry bean.

A stunning selection, truly unique. Good for freezing, canning and as dry beans.

Heirloom Vegetables - Albino Beet Heirloom Vegetables - Bull's Blood Beet Heirloom Chioggia Beet
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Bull's Blood
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Excellent all-purpose beets for pickling, freezing and cooking.

Darkest strain of beets available and popular for adding to cutting green mixtures.

Beets have nice sweet flavor, mild flavored beet greens can be used raw or cooked.