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Wild Boar Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye Wild Boar Large Barred Boar Wild Boar Mint Julep
Wild Boar Mint Julep
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One of the best for it's sweet rich flavor. Extremely early port wine colored beefsteak with metallic green stripes.

Very meaty and flavorful, quick to ripen.

Sweet overall flavor, large plum shaped tomato.

Wild Boar Pork Chop Wild Boar Sweet Carneros Pink Evan's Purple Pear
Wild Boar Pork Chop
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Evan's Purple Pear
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Slightly flattened beefsteak, sweet with hints of citrus.

Sweet flavored rose-pink with gold stripes tomato.

One of the best for fresh eating.  Fruits are plum to pear shaped, with an occasional round one. The 2 ounce fruits hang in clusters.  Flavor is exceptional.  Great for sauces, pastes and canning, as well as for fresh use. Potato-leafed plants are vigorous and productive.  Selected out of Pruden's Purple by Brad Gates.