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Heirloom Vegetables - All Blue Potaotes All Blue

Outstanding flavor and moist texture. Excellent for roasting and frying.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Desiree Potatoes Desiree

The best red skinned, golden fleshed potato available. Moist creamy texture.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Bintje Potatoes Bintje

Will grow on a wide range of soils and will store exceptionally well.

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Heirloom German Butterball Potato German Butterball

Excellent all-purpose variety, especially great for mashed potatoes.

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Heirloom Purple Viking Seed Potatoes Purple Viking

Snow white flesh makes it exceptionally good for mashing. Slightly sweet flavor.

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Heirloom Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes Yukon Gold

Perhaps the most widely grown specialty potato. Canadian variety.

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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Kennebec Potato Kennebec

A great main crop potato.

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Heirloom La Ratte Seed Potatoes La Ratte

Top quality French variety. Smooth, buttery texture, unique nutty flavor.

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Heirloom Rose Finn Apple Seed Potatoes Rose Finn Apple

Exceptional waxy texture, holds shape very well. Good keeper.

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Heirloom Potato Sampler Heirloom Potato Sampler

Not sure what to order? Let us put together a well-rounded sampler for you to try.

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