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Heirloom Vegetables - Chesnok Red Garlic Chesnok Red

Easy to peel, purple striped cloves. One of the best for baking and roasting.

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Heirloom Vegetables - German Extra Hardy Garlic German Extra Hardy

A very sturdy garlic plant with an extremely strong root system.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Music Garlic Music

Great spicy flavor raw. Mild and sweet cooked. Tends to caramelize when roasted.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Inchelium Inchelium

Large bulbed vigorous strain, a top rated softneck. Four to five clove layers with 8 to 20 cloves. Bulbs over 3 inches possible. It seems to have denser, heavier bulbs than other varieties. Mild but lingering flavor. 6-8 bulbs per pound.

Ships end of September/beginning of October.

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Early Italian Red Early Italian Red

(Softneck Artichoke) This artichoke variety is true to its name with harvests possible as early as June in the Midwest. Reliably large, white wrapped bulbs covering 10-20 snow-white cloves. It is one of our easiest garlics to grow. Early Italian Red hails from southern Italy, is an excellent storage garlic with a mild flavor.

Ships end of September/beginning of October!

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Transylvania Transylvania

(Softneck Artichoke) Vampires Beware! Transylvanian was brought to America from the mountains of Transylvania. Transylvania can handle harsh winters but does very well in the South. Very spicy flavor, early to mature (late June) and quite hard to find good sources for. 8-10 large cloves per bulb.

Ships end of September.

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Spanish Roja Spanish Roja

(Hardneck Rocambole) A massive garlic brought to the Portland, Oregon region prior to 1900. We love this garlic for its earthy garlic flavor, skins that seem to just slip off of the clove, and its massive size. Spanish Roja does not grow well in the South. 5-7 very large cloves per pound.

Ships end of September.

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Elephant Garlic (1 Bulb) Elephant Garlic (1 Bulb)

Famous for gigantic bulbs and wild flavor, Elephant Garlic is actually a member of the leek family.  Elephant garlic grows 5-7 feet tall, with heads as big as softballs.  Very mild and sweet compared to true garlic.  5-7 huge cloves per head, 8-15 cloves per pound.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Chet's Italian Red Garlic Chet's Italian Red

Great for roasting, a good keeper. Softneck, 12-20 cloves per bulb.

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Heirloom Vegetables - Heirloom Garlic Sampler Heirloom Solutions Garlic Sampler

Contains 2 bulbs each of Chesnok Red, Chet's Italian Red, German Extra Hardy, Music, and Inchellium.

In the event of a shortage, other varieties may be substituted.

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